What I want my life to look like..

I've been watching crazy stuff on Amazon Prime for the past two years now probably. Soooo much weird, indie but also awesome stuff out there in the Amazon Prime TV Universe, it's impressive!

Lately I've gotten hooked on this dope travel and offroad 4wheeler show called "Overland Expedition". It's very well produced by Clay. Seems like they built it over Youtube and now, of course, it's a company that has sponsors for it's trips & excursion and manages to financially provide for a family of six to survive year round. Producing the last trip, planning the upcoming expedition, and that is their life.

And I'm realising that that is the Life I want to live... all the time! 

Being out on the road with friends, exploring, overcoming hurdles and embracing adventure, because all is good, all is safe, the convoy is established, and just running into good people, seeing amazing places, taking the risk of the unknown as fun because safety & trust in each other has and becomes more and more established throughout the journey. And you get to share it all! What good is it to be able to tell people at home where you were and what you did when your community cannot take part in it with you?

I want a crew I can ride around the earth with and film it, and never ever stop! Hit us up if that's you. We're serious!

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