Mi$$IoN $tATeMEnT

Hello and thank you for visiting R$ch B$tch 3000's online Boutique!

We are a company based in Brooklyn NYC keeping in touch with cutting edge trends, avant-garde design and the spice of the Grime within a post-apocalyptic Budget.

We are Real B$tches and Queen$, we talk about what we see, feel and hear within our subjective experiences that are our Lives. Nothing is made up or part of a fantasy image here. It's real, so please be respectful, responsible and behave accordingly, fellow Creature. We Luv U too, No but rly NO Shade tho!

We hope to transform and connect with likeminded Creature$ through the use of social media, commerce and community in a different way than it has been done up until now, more honest, raw and vulnerable, to challenge the status quo and BE the change we need for ourselves in this Reality of tomorrow.

Within this spirit we are a Small Business owned by its minority employees of gender-nonconforming Creature$, Female$, Male$, $ex Worker$ and LGTBQ'$ but most of all, all gorgeous deep rich QUEEN$ and $TAR$ in our own Right. And we gotta Keep reminding each other of That and support & lyft each other up, my Babes!

So EACH Item you buy TODAY helps a person in need lead a more RYCH LYFE!

By buying from our Shop,

YOU create the FREEDOM for any One of us; to chose what They want to do with their time, their body, their energy and what not, how to make money, how to support themselves, to be able to HAVE THE OPTION to survive and be able to provide for themselves in a healthy, safe and dignified matter. I'm not sure if you've ever looked into the eyes of a person who you've just given such an opportunity to, it's amazing!

So it's Shopping for GOOD?? OH HELL YEAH!! 

Our Boutique offers a unique, sustainable and carefully curated collection for the fashion conscious, style daring and powerful Creature of tomorrow and is meant to empower you to shine your brightest light out into the universe today! We seek to empower all Genders, orientations, races, definitions, and conditions within our reach.

Tread Carefully and Come Along!